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Dan Z is a motivational and prolific speaker, with over twenty years of experience. His passionate and entertaining style is tailored to your specific group and/or event, and with his background as an educator, entrepreneur, and Star Wars influencer, you are sure to receive a powerful message that will reach students, educators, entrepreneurs, employees, and executives.  

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NOTE: During the school year, Dan is only available on weekends, holidays, and summer break.

Speaking Topics

Find Your Passion; Find Your Voice; Be You in the Classroom

Discover how to tap into your authentic self to use your passions and interests to engage your students fully. Learn how what you are interested in personally can lend itself to bolstering your curriculum and classroom culture!

Make It Happen: Building Success, Motivation, and Confidence

Learn how to get out of your way and become the authentic person that you are meant to be! Find out how to use your experiences and interests to bring out your very best, and use that knowledge to maximize personal and professional success in your life.

So, You Want to Start a Podcast

Starting your podcast can be a daunting prospect. But, with over six and a half years of experience running Coffee With Kenobi, Dan Z can help you plan, edit, record, distribute, and promote your podcast. Learn how to add your show to iTunes, spread the word on social media, and grow your audience.

Star Wars and Mythology

Buckle up as Star Wars expert Dan Zehr explores the mythology of Star Wars on screen and behind the camera. At its core, mythology is about story and storytelling, and no one does it better than Star Wars. Dan Z examines the Star Wars films and shares what these stories contain and how they reflect mythological archetypes that have continued to enchant us for over forty years. It’s a master class on myth and narrative, and you’re invited as Dan Z explores some of the most fascinating aspects of the story in the galaxy!

Fans at Star Wars Celebration Chicago await Dan Z’s Star Wars & Mythology Presentation

Star Wars and Culture

Dan Z will discuss the impact of Star Wars on popular culture from 1977 to today! Find out how the mythology of Star Wars has shaped how movies are made, marketed, and distributed as well as what we might expect in the future.

Building Your Brand

Learn how to take your existing podcast, blog, or website and take it to the next level. Dan Z shares some immediate strategies to establish your brand to promote growth, credibility, and exposure, as well as what to avoid to help maximize your potential.

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Is there something specific you want Dan Z to talk about that is omitted here? Let him know in the contact form here, and Dan will create a customized presentation for you and your group!

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