About Dan Z

Dan Zehr is the Host and Brand Director of Coffee With Kenobi. He is a Feature Blog Contributor for Star Wars.com, as well as a writer for IGN, and is an occasional contributor to Star Wars Insider. He launched Coffee With Kenobi with co-creator and award-winning designer, Cory Clubb, in 2013, and is a prominent influencer in Star Wars fandom. He is also a prolific high school educator, who teaches Literature and Composition, and has a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning.

His work combining Star Wars and education garnered him a role in the Target Rogue One Star Wars commercial, as well as feature profiles in the Chicago Tribune, Illinois State University’s Statewide Standard, and the Peoria Journal Star. He has also been interviewed in Good Morning, America, the HuffPostForbes, and Bloomberg.

As a featured educator and Star Wars personality, Dan Z is also a recognized keynote speaker, host, and presenter. He was a consultant for Ian Doescher’s William Shakespeare’s Star Wars books and wrote an article for Star Wars Celebration Orlando’s Commemorative Program. He has appeared on panels at Star Wars Celebration and travels the world covering Star Wars products and events. Dan Z resides in Illinois with his wife and three boys.