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Need a speaker to inspire your school, team, or staff to find his or her authentic voice? Want to help motivate your students to be their very best? Looking to start a podcast or blog? Dan Z can help!

With his engaging, entertaining, and passionate style, Dan Zehr delivers presentations perfect for any event. Whether it is a school, corporate event, or conference, Dan Z can provide a thought-provoking, inspiring message that will offer you a different perspective delivered in an engaging, humorous manner.

LIVE from STEAM into Star Wars

Plus, with almost seven years of experience running the award-winning podcast, Coffee With Kenobi, Dan Z has helped build the brand into one of the most trusted communities in Star Wars fandom.

Dan Zehr is an educator, Star Wars expert, podcaster, writer, entrepreneur, and the host of Coffee With Kenobi. He also writes for StarWars.com and IGN and is a prolific keynote speaker who specializes in helping educators find their voice in the classroom, and inspiring entrepreneurs to find their niche. Contact Dan Z today and let him know how he can help at your event, and help you bring your podcast or blog to the next level.

●      Dan is profiled in the Chicago Tribune and is credited with being “… about the most popular Star Wars podcaster on the planet.”

Delivering the Endnote presentation at Illinois State University’s T21CON

●       He is the educator featured in Target’s 2016 Rogue One “There’s a Rebel in All of Us” commercial.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLIKKuP5v3Q&feature=youtu.be

Dan Z interviewing a young Star Wars fan at STEAM into Star Wars

●     Dan has been interviewed in Good Morning, America, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, HuffPost, Bloomberg, and the Peoria Journal Star

  ●      In December of 2016, he was honored by Illinois State University (at halftime of a men’s basketball game) as a distinguished alum, for his contributions to education; specifically, for using Star Wars to teach Shakespeare.

●      Dan worked with author Ian Doescher on his William Shakespeare’s Star Wars New York Times bestselling series of books and is credited in The Phantom of Menace as a Star Wars encyclopedia.